Lin Zijie:The pursuit of high technology is cool!

“I’m Lin Zijie from College of Electronic and Information Engineering,

A young engineer who makes electronic circuity his lifelong career.”

In the 2022 "OutstandingStar ofShenzhen University" defense

Lin Zijie was the last candidate to appear

He shared with us pleasantly his recent experiences in studies, scientific research competitions, social practices, and so on

Among of them, one of the highlights was his performance in the University Robot Contest ROBOMASTER

and National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest

Passionatelyseeking truth —

Since high school, Lin has made an indissoluble bond with robots. At that time, it occurred to him that life would be more interesting if he could do something cool apart from his schoolwork. Making robots seems a cool thing, so he invested a quantity of time in self-learning related technologies. With the robot manufactured with his own hands, Lin won the 8th place nationwide in the VEX Robotics Competition Middle School Event.

After being admitted to SZU, he continued the passion and devoted himself to RobotPilots Robotics Lab (hereinafter referred to as "RP"), and together with his like-minded teammates, he embarked on the national university robotics competition ROBOMASTER (hereinafter referred to as“RM”), which combines high level and difficulty.

The RM required a year-long preparation period, to which Lin devoted up to 40 hours a week. He recalls,"For two years I had almost no recreational life, not even much time to sleep in the dormitory, and most of my time after school was spent in the lab."The long hours of intense tasks had him calling it "torture," but he never gave up. After the entire sophomore season, his solid skills and dedication to robotics were recognized by the seniors, and he became the leader of the electrical control team in his junior year.

If "passion" is Lin's attitude toward robotics, "authenticity" is the principle he has always followed. "We want to make real robots, not something that has pretty metrics but doesn't work and has no breakthroughs," he says with a firm gaze. Based on this, he demands that the manufacturing of robots should be pursued to the extreme. For example, the control code written by the electrical control team he leads needs to be of high quality, so that the robot can be flexible and invincible on the field.

In June 2022, the RP team brought six 100% in-house robots to the RM Central Division and advanced to the top eight with a total victory. Facing a tough opponent, Lin did not dare to relax. He led the electrical control team, which often stayed up until 3 a.m. before the competition, working with the mechanical team to repair damaged mechanical structures, improve machine control, and test visual recognition with the vision team members to adjust the robot's motion to the best state. With the better performance of the robots and the tacit collaboration of the operators on site, the RP team won the third place after defeating the teams from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen).In the 2022 season, not only did the RP team rank third in the national university standings, but Lin also won several national awards.

Group photo ofROBOMASTER2022

One of his surprises was that in the 13th Lanqiao Cup competition, which was attended in a hurry due to a "collision" with the RM competition, he got the best result ever at SZU in the EDA Design and Development competition--the first prize in Guangdong Province and the second prize at the national level. Regarding this, Lin Zijie explained, "Although I did not prepare enough, the technical work in the RP team was not for nothing, and they have laid a solid foundation for me.

Fearless innovation

What made Lin stand out from the 57 candidates was not only his glittering performance in the robotics competition, but also his innovation in the EDC (National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest). In his sophomore year, he and his two roommates formed a team and decided to break into the competition. The division of labor between them was clear: Lin was responsible for the hardware part of the electronic product, i.e., designing the circuit to ensure the power supply and charging of the product, while the two roommates were responsible for the control and mechanical design respectively.

Lin working in the lab

The theme of the 2020 EDC is smart home, and Lin Zijie's team came up with a new idea of optimizing the fish tank control system based on the functions of ordinary fish tanks in the market. So for 2 months, they were "soaking" in the design process of the "smart fish tank". The fish tank sample finally realized the function of automatic water change, oxygenation, feeding and light replenishment under the three control methods which are app control, display touch and voice command. The work was successfully applied for a utility patent, and the team won the first prize in the "Stars of Dual Innovation" .

On the way of innovation of EDC works, it also needs a bit of courage to "venture into no man's land". Lin Zijie's team entered a such land - power supply products - when preparing for the 2021 EDC. "The plug we usually use to charge our computers is a kind of power supply." Lin explained, "To make this kind of electrical appliances that will explode if not operated carefully is not only difficult but also to overcome psychological fear."

In order to figure out and solve the problems, they devoted a lot of time after class to the lab, wearing protective gear and working hard to improve the performance of the power supply to meet all the indicators. In the end, the high quality of the power supply allowed them to capture the honor of second prize (rank 1) at the national level. "Although it's a bit dangerous, we can really reinforce our professional knowledge as well as improve our hands-on ability by doing this." Lin exclaimed.

Aspire to excel

After experiencing various scientific research competitions such as RM and electric competition, Lin Zijie has an answer to the definition of excellence in his heart: only by constantly pursuing the limit and breaking through the limit can he slowly approach to excellence.

In the face of the strongest competitors, he always pushes himself to keep upward, making full use of the resources and advantages of Shenzhen to precipitate and enrich his theoretical knowledge and technical ability. "For engineering students, we still have to pursue a more pure technology." So says Lin.

In addition to the pursuit of technical extremes, he believes that exceptional people also need to have the ability to practice in society and realize the value of individuals. In his free time after the competition, he has participated in many charity activities on and off campus, and has accumulated 807 hours of volunteer work in the academic year.

During the dormitory relocation activities in Yuehai Campus, he was at the luggage storage point of Hongdouzhai every dayhelping students to register, pack and distribute their luggage.Whenever his clothes were soaked with sweat, he went upstairs to take a 5-minute "battle bath", and then the "Superman" rushed downstairs full of energy to help janitors carry the luggage.This work only required four hours, however, Lin Zijie gave himself "overtime" to 12 hours a day. He said with a smile, "The volunteer activity was very tiring, but it was fun and stress-relieving, and I got to know many nice aunts."He said with a smile, "The volunteer activity was very tiring, but it was fun and stress-relieving, and I got to know many hostess and cleaning aunts."

Lin registering luggage information when volunteering in dormitory relocation activity on the SZU campus

“The happiest part of these four years has been finding a field that I love and I am willing to devote my life to it.”Facing the future, he also carries a bigger ambition, which is "to master the core technology of RF antenna and break the barriers of Chinese communicate. In the future, he will go to Xidian University to do further research in the direction of antenna and RF, and continue to study what he loves, with the mission of young engineers to help the steady progress of electronic communication industry in 5G era.

Lin’s Message to SZUers

Over forty years, we have accumulated first-class heritage through trials and hardships; forty years, looking back, we celebrate together and raise a glass to renew the chapter! We wish our alma mater to continue to carry on and open up the future, seek truth and pragmatism, explore and innovate, and march towards the journey of a century-old university in the fertile soil of Guangdong, Hong Kong and MacaoBay Area!

As students of SZU and writers of the splendid chapter of 40 years of history, students must bear in mind the way we came and not be afraid of the new journey. On the way to build your dreams, I hope you will remember the six-word motto of your alma mater: "Self-reliance, self-discipline and self-improvement", set up ambitious goals, cultivate noble character, and strive for a wonderful life for building the motherland.