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"Cultural Innovations and Shared Destiny of Humanity" w​as held

On November 22nd, the first Jao Tsung-I Cultural Forum on “Cultural Innovations and Shared Destiny of Humanity” was held in Zijing Mountain Villa, Shenzhen, jointly sponsored by the Institute of Jao Tsung-I Cultural Studies and the Department of Social Sciences of Shenzhen University. Cheng Chung-Yin, the tenured professor at the University of Hawaii, Wang Demai, the renowned French sinologist, Zhang Longxi, chairman of the International Comparative Literature Association, Gao Xuanyang, chair professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other local and foreign well-known scholars had gathered in Shenzhen and carried out multi-angle and interdisciplinary theoretical discussions, focusing on “China’s Cultural Confidence and the Innovation of Cultural Philosophy,” “Modern Heritage and International Communication of Traditional Chinese Culture,” “Academic Research and Interdisciplinary Approach of Jao Studies” and other topics.