Student Organizations

Our students actively participated in public welfare activities

In 2018, our students actively participated in various public welfare activities including volunteer service competitions, charity sales for poverty-relief work, public welfare project innovation contests and volunteer teaching in mountainous areas, and so on. The school youth league committee made every endeavor to cultivate the volunteer service culture and create glorious campus atmosphere for volunteers. The committee also built a volunteer service platform and guaranteed the rights and interests of volunteers. Our school aims to advocate all students to actively participate in public welfare activities and promote the construction of a “volunteer school.”

Our school students enthusiastically joined the volunteer service in the High-Level Dialogue Meeting between the Communist Party of China and the World Political Parties.

From May 26th to May 28th, hundreds of guests from more than 100 countries and 200 political parties gathered in Shenzhen to participate in the High-Level Dialogue Meeting between the Chinese Communist Party and the World Political Parties hosted by the International Liaison Department of the CPC’s Central Committee. They shared the experience of governing the party and the country and also carried on inter-civilization dialogue, which is conducive to enhancing mutual strategic trust and building a community of a shared future for mankind.

The session includes the Symposium for “The Story of the Communist Party of China - The Practice of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in Guangdong,” the Workshop for marking the 200th Anniversary of Marx’s Birth, the 4th China-Africa Youth Leaders Forum and the 2nd China-Latin America Political Parties Forum. In the same period, the International Liaison Department of the CPC’s Central Committee also held the first Shanghai Cooperation Organization Political Party Forum in Shenzhen.

After careful selection and comprehensive training, more than 300volunteers from Shenzhen University participated in the multi-faceted volunteer service of the conference, which included media reporting, foreign guests’ reception, group translation, venue layout, personnel guidance, security and so on.

On May 27th, after the meeting of the “The Story of the Communist Party of China - The Practice of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in Guangdong ,” Xiaogan Li, a member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, cordially greeted the volunteers.

This volunteer service has received strong support from the Foreign Languages School. Students from the Foreign Languages School and other schools joined in the volunteer service of this series of conferences with a high degree of enthusiasm and the spirit of “dedication, love, mutual assistance and improvement.” With a serious and rigorous attitude, excellent foreign language skills and good manners, they have provided a dedicated volunteer service for the guests.Volunteers were highly praised by Chinese and foreign guests because of their volunteering spirit “using my knowledge, doing my best, and serving my love.”

A “red vest” in this volunteer service said that he was extremely honored to be a volunteer of this series of conferences and to have this opportunity to practice and learn.

Members in the Volunteer Association of our school have shown strong team spirit, high sense of responsibility and outstanding ability in this high-intensity work which included information collection, training, job assignment, team management, communication and emergency reporting, etc.

With sweet smiles, good service and excellent foreign language skills, volunteers from SZU showed the spirit of Shenzhen University and also this international metropolis. They contributed their own strength to the

development of Shenzhen.

Charity Sale in Mid-May - Flower Sale

Flower Sale is a charity event held annually by the Volunteer Association of Shenzhen University. It not only provides college students with an opportunity and platform to get close to society, but also shows the good spirit of college students.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, hundreds of volunteers from SZU raised funds by selling flowers in various schools and streets in Shenzhen to help those people in need. The Volunteer Association has always been devoted to the development of public welfare and it became more influential in SZU. It also aims to raise attention to public welfare and participate in various volunteer activities.

(Flower sale stalls)

It has been successfully held for nine years since the first flower sales in 2009. This public benefit activity has won the first place of “Excellent Volunteer Activities” and Gold Award of “2014 Volunteer Service Competition in Shenzhen University.” It was also named as “Shenzhen Caring Action,” “Public Satisfied Project,” “Tencent Beneficial Project” and so on. From 2009 to now, Flower Sale not only became a characteristic activity of the Volunteer Association, but also earned reputation in Shenzhen. By promoting the spirit of volunteerism, it appealed to people to be enthusiastic about public welfare and make their own contribution.

(Charity Sales)

During the two days of the event, flowers and volunteers were scattered throughout Shenzhen. Hundreds of volunteers participated in this charity sale and it had great influence on society.

By providing opportunities to be volunteer for Shenzhen University students, Flower Sales helped students to complete the inheritance of love and allowed them to have a personal experience of love and goodness.

“Firefly Program” in winter and summer vacation

“Firefly Program” is a series of activities that focus on short-term voluntary teaching in the mountainous areas during winter and summer vacations. “Firefly Program” voluntary teaching is the major event. Besides, we also have “Firefly Program” book drive, “Firefly Program” recruitment campaign, “Firefly Program” teaching training and “Firefly Program” sharing session, etc.

“Firefly Program” was founded in 2005 and now it is 14 years old. In these years, “Firefly Program” gradually completed a teaching system and developed activities. The professionalism of short-term teaching has gradually improved.

(Teaching classroom)

Regular courses of “Firefly Program” are mainly extended courses about science and art. These courses help to expand the extracurricular knowledge of the children and enable them to have good study habits and learning methods. More importantly, these courses can help to arouse the passion towards outside life in children’s hearts. Besides, “Firefly Program” also offers courses like dance, Kungfu, and sign language, which enable children to broaden their mind and enrich their interests. At the same time, “Firefly Program” is not only satisfied with ordinary teaching activities, we also offer a variety of activities during the teaching period such as the opening ceremony, sports carnival, knowledge contest, home visits, concerts, stage performance and so on. These activities were held at different times during the teaching period and they played a crucial role in children’s growing up. “Firefly Program” also has a complete system in terms of class construction and building good relationship between teaching team and the school.

“Firefly Program” has received many awards. In 2008, the Gansu voluntary teaching team was given the title of “Excellent Team” in “Three Downs” College Student’s Social Practice Activities organized by Guangdong Province. In 2009, “Firefly Program” became one of the 30 winning projects in “YINUAN Chinese Google Cup” college students’ public welfare creative competition. It was the only winning project of Guangdong Province in that year. In 2010, “Firefly Program” was awarded the honorary title of “Fucai Public Welfare Team Award.” In 2017, Guangdong Province Lei Feng’s volunteering service advanced typical publicity campaign was selected as the “Best Volunteer Service Project.” In 2017, “Firefly Program” won “Shenzhen Excellent Project Award” in “Yimiao Plan” project of Guangdong Volunteer Service Competition


Adhering to the idea of “giving life a chance and giving children a future,” Peter KK Lee Care for Life Foundation

raised funds in Hong Kong to help children with congenital heart disease and orphans in the Mainland. The Foundation was not only intended to save lives and help these children grow up healthily, but also to help these lonely children become the pillars of society in the future.

From July 16th to 17th, 2018, the 4th Summer Camp hosted by Peter KK Lee Care for Life Foundation was held on the campus Shenzhen University. This camp aims to provide chances to broaden minds, communicate and study for poor children with congenital heart disease in China. The Foundation invited 500 children and their parents from all over the country who have been funded by Mr. Li Jiajie for congenital disease surgery and later recovered. Shunfeng CEO went to Shenzhen and participated in this summer camp.

(Peter KK Lee Care for Life Foundation Summer camp event scene)

This summer camp was divided into three parts: visiting the campus, the physical examination of the children and the meeting with Mr. Li Jiajie. In order to promote the summer camp, 45 volunteers from Volunteer Association of Shenzhen University came to help the work, and the School of Computer and Software also prepared an exhibition for this camp. Cooperating with the staff of the Foundation, Volunteers helped to organize activities and guide children and parents to the corresponding projects. They also helped to maintain the order of the meeting and lead the campus tour. In this summer camp, children harvested lots of happiness and surprises that they had never had before. They said that they would work hard in their future studies andlife and come upwith the help and expectations from all walks of life. Volunteers also said that they received much practice to improve themselves through this summer camp.

(Peter KK Lee Care for Life Foundation Summer camp event scene)

The cradle of campus innovation and entrepreneurship:

The first public-welfare innovation and entrepreneurship competition

The competition was hosted by the School of Management and the School Youth League Committee. It was jointly organized by SZU Public-Welfare Innovation Professional Class and SZU Volunteer Association. Due to the lack of relevant talents in colleges, students have cognition disorders on public welfare and charity. By making full use of vitality and innovation of colleges, this competition disseminated an advanced project operation framework and helped the participating projects to solve social hotspot problems. By promoting a Public-Welfare spirit of Shenzhen University, it was also conducive to construct SZU as a “Volunteer School.” This competition also provided a platform and opportunity for students with innovative ideas.

At the launching ceremony, Professor Bigong Zhang, the former president of Shenzhen University, returned to the school and introduced the history of Chinese charity to present students. In the second round, we invited several scholars and experts in the field of public welfare to provide guidance for each team.

(Group photo of Public Welfare Competition)

The competition not only became the brand activity of the Yicai class and Volunteer Association, but also provided a platform for each participating team. We encourage students who are creative and interested in solving social problems to participate in the competition.

Audience in Public Welfare Competition

“Friends” who have been working together for many years

Volunteer Service for the 12th China Cup Regatta

The China Cup Regatta was founded in 2007. It was included in the official calendar of the International Sailing Federation in 2010 and has won the “Asia’s Best Regatta” five times now. In the past 12 years, the China Cup Regatta held in Daya Bay has become a major event of Shenzhen.

(Volunteer Service for Remote Control Sailing Experience)

Since 2007, the Volunteers Association from SZU have cooperated with the China Cup Regatta Organizing Committee in the past ten years to give support and complete tasks such as the recruitment of volunteers and on-site services. Volunteers from SZU held a strong sense of time-management and responsibility in their volunteer service. They were highly praised by participants and audiences around the world and made a strong impression on them.

Over the years, two sides have formed a mature cooperation model. Rights and service experiences of volunteers have been fully guaranteed. What’ new is that this year’s volunteer management work is jointly undertaken by the Volunteers Association from SZU and the Sports Volunteers Association.

(Group photo of volunteers)