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Our university successfully held the 2018 Liyuan Cultural Festival



In order to thoroughly implement the "Outline of Cultural Innovation Development of Shenzhen University", consolidate the spirit of the socialist university with Chinese characteristics, and enhance the quality and cultural connotation of strengthening merits and educating people, the School League Committee and the relevant departments of the school held the 2018 Liyuan Cultural Festival for all teachers, students and Shenzhen citizens. This event cultivated and disseminated the fine culture of Shenzhen University.

On the evening of April 22, 2018, the 2018 Liyuan Cultural Festival of Shenzhen University was officially opened at the Yuanping Gymnasium of the University. Fan Zhigang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen University, leaders of various departments of the school and leaders of various colleges, and South China University of Technology, South China Normal University, Guangzhou University and other university representatives, some teachers and students of Shenzhen University participated in the opening ceremony of this year's Liyuan Cultural Festival.

Fan Zhigang, deputy secretary of the School Party Committee, delivered a speech and announced the opening of the 2018 Liyuan Cultural Festival of Shenzhen University. Fan Zhigang pointed out that the holding of the wonderful activities of the Liyuan Cultural Festival is a powerful move to implement the Outline of the Cultural Innovation of Shenzhen University. Culture is the soul of the university. Shenzhen University must strive to build itself into a model of cultural standards and schools in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

The 2018 Liyuan Cultural Festival of Shenzhen University was divided into four series of activities based on the theme of “self-reliance, self-discipline and self-improvement”: “Li”-the foundation of innovation and development, “Yuan”-the source of cultural self-confidence,"Wen" -the essence of the spirit of the times, "Hua" -the style of the young people. Nearly 20 boutique cultural events extended from the campus to the outside of the school, covering a wide range, in diverse forms and with rich content.

Among them, the “Inter-college Debate Competition”, “Inter-college Dance Contest”, “University Top Ten Singers Contest”, “Union Carnival” and other boutique cultural events successfully attracted more than 3,000 teachers and students to attend. The colorful cultural activities "Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Maker" Carnival, Classical Drama Show, "Melodious Songs in Liyuan" Graduate’s Singing Contest, "Rui Si Jian Yan" Wise Proposal for University Contest, "Flower Charity Sale", "Firefly" Volunteer Teaching, etc. also provided students with platforms to show their talents, practice their interests and achieve self-fulfillment, providing an indispensable opportunities and creating positive, healthful and energetic culture on campus.

Inter-college Dance Contest

University Top Ten Singers Competition

Union Carnival

“Melodious Songs in Liyuan” Graduate’s Singing Contest

Inter-college Debate Contest

“Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Maker” Carnival

Classical Drama Show

“Rui Zhi Jian Yan” Wise Proposal for University Contest

“Firefly Plan”

“Flower Charity Sale”