Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Shenzhen University Entrepreneur Alliance


In order to comply with social development, serve the national political and economic strategy, and further meet the growing needs of college students,theEntrepreneurshipParkstarted the preparation of upgrading the software and hardware of its incubation function in early 2015. To build a gathering platform for makers and entrepreneurs and to strengthen the front incubation of entrepreneurship are the important foundation projects for upgrading entrepreneurial park. Therefore, in May of that year, exactly the opening day of the 11th Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair, the school entrepreneurship park cooperating with the heads of 56 units from 10 entrepreneurial student organizations of SZU and 46 off-campus enterprises, jointly established Shenzhen University Entrepreneur Alliance at Shitouwu Square in SZU. The school secretary of the party committee Jiang Tanyu, the vice president Li Fengliang, the heads of relevant departments and nearly 100 teachers and studentsattended the ceremony.

The Shenzhen University Entrepreneur Alliance is composed of internal and external organizations, including 21 entrepreneurial student associations in SZU, 34 social incubators, and more than 100 group members from investment institutions, innovative start-ups, and industry associations. The Alliance’s executive agency in SZU (also known as the Shenzhen University Entrepreneur Alliance Secretariat) has set up 10 departments on the Houhai Campus and 4 departments on the Xili Campus, with more than 120 student members. Details are as follows:

Houhai Campus: Integrated Office, Human Resources Department, New Media Operations Department, Incubator Liaison Department, Competition Service Department, Maker Service Department, Entrepreneur Service Department, University Liaison Department, Social Innovation Department and Community Service Department.

Xili Campus: Integrated Office, Maker Service Department, Promotion Department and Member Service Department.

Since its establishment in May 2015, the Shenzhen University Entrepreneur Alliance has always been committed to “encouraging innovation, developing makers, supporting entrepreneurship, pooling resources, school-enterprise cooperation, and persisting in win-win.” By strongly supporting the school’s entrepreneurial student organizations, it has prospered the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Besides, it supports student makers to do their entrepreneurial practice, builds gathering platforms for makers and entrepreneurs, creates the active “flow” for entrepreneurial projects, and develops a dual-inspired atmosphere with investment value.The Alliance also helps students' entrepreneurial projects to connect with off-campus enterprises, market resources and social capital, conducts regular roadshows, builds investment and financing platforms, and supports college student’s teams from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao to start businesses in Shenzhen in accordance with market rules. It cooperates with enterprises to develop a series of “Business Startup” courses, which are taught by entrepreneurs, investors, high-ranking executives, technical experts and other outsiders.

Up to now, the Alliance has gathered nearly 100 internal and external institutions in the school, including 21 entrepreneurial in-campus student organizations, social incubators, investment institutions, innovative start-ups, industry associations, and corporate associations and so on. It also has organized and co-organized nearly 500 innovation and entrepreneurial activities, which has made important contributions in forming an active and innovative campus culture atmosphere for the school and creating an “upgraded version of Shenzhen University's innovation and entrepreneurship education.”

Based on the resources platform of the Shenzhen University Entrepreneur Alliance, we cooperate with well-known enterprises such as Tencent, Alibaba, Apple, Amazon (China), MUCFC, UOOC.ONLINE and SZOIL to invite entrepreneurs, high-ranking executives and technical experts and jointly opened 25 series of courses called “Business Startup,” including 11 credit system courses and 14 certificate courses.

Shenzhen University Professional Entrepreneur Tribeis jointly built by Shenzhen University College of Entrepreneurship, College Departments and well-known enterprises. Through classroom teaching, innovative experiments, project research, maker development, and entrepreneurial incubation together with strategic emerging industries such as the Internet, biology, new energy, new materials, and new generation information technology, future industries such as marine, aerospace, life and health, fields such as advanced manufacturing and science and technology fields related to people's livelihood improvement, and cultural and creative fields, jointly cooperate to explore the development opportunities of related industries and innovative industries, and carry out cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship training, maker team cultivation, entrepreneurship project incubation and scientific research transformation.Among these student maker teams, 57 teams’ projects received special funding from the Shenzhen Science and Technology Commission for a total of 7.85 million yuan.