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AFundingApplicationGuide for Entrepreneurial Project of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for College Students (Entrepreneurship Park of Shenzhen University)


In response to the national strategyof “BusinessStartup andInnovation initiative,”and in order toimplement theImplementation Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Deepening the Reform of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universitiesand theState Council’s Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Create an Upgraded Version of “Double Creation,” Shenzhen University Cultural Innovation Development Program,andShenzhen University’s Opinions on Further Strengthening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Educationto, as well aspromote the high-quality development of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurshipinFourPlaces across the Taiwan Straits, Shenzhen University hascarried outcollege students’ entrepreneurshipsubsidyprojects every yearsince 2009. TheApplicationinformationis as follows.

I. Types ofFundedProjects


Ordinary entrepreneurship means thatservice or merchandising, self-employment,hiringothersand building a business can be achieved by existing mature franchise systems, Internet platforms or sales networks.


Innovative entrepreneurship refers to self-employment,hiringothersand building a business by applying technological innovation, consumption pattern innovation, management model innovation, cultural creativity, etc., to create new products or provide innovative services, influence human consumption behavior or improve social production efficiency.


Public welfare entrepreneurship refers to solving the long-standing social problems or meeting the special needs of some social groups by using the means of market allocation of resources andregardenterprises as an organizational form.The standardto judgepublic welfare enterprisesistheirpositive impactson society, rather thanprofitsand return on investment (ROI).

(1). For entrepreneurial projects that include financial attributes, direct sales agents, etc., the Entrepreneurship Park will no longerprovidefund, bank account opening address and registered address services;

(2). Entrepreneurship Park will provide “virtual incubation” to “ordinary entrepreneurship projects”under certain conditions. That is, the company is allowed to use the “Shenzhen University Entrepreneurship Park” as the registered address to provide support for entrepreneurial resources other than officedistrictsand capital funds. For example,they are eligible to apply forthefundingof“investment assistance” and “competition rewards.”

(3). Innovative Entrepreneurship Project and Public Entrepreneurship Project are funded according to the following conditions.

II. GeneralApplicantConditions

Theproject’steam members mustbe3 (or more)peopleand include at least one member who meets the following conditions (one of A1, A2, B1, B2, B3) to apply for funding. The application must be submitted by a member of the team who meets the following conditions (one of A1, A2, B1, B2, and B3). If there is more than one eligible member, the member with the highest proportion of shares (or expected shareholding) shallapply.

1.Class Aapplicants (one of the following two conditions):

A1. Full-time students of Shenzhen University (haveno demerit recordingduring thestudy)

A2. Full-time graduates who have graduated from Shenzhen University within two years

2.Class B applicants (one of the following three conditions):

B1. Full-time students in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan universities (haveno demerit recordingduring thestudy)

B2. Full-time graduates within two years of graduation from Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan universities

B3. Full-time graduates who have graduated from Shenzhen University for more than two years


(1). Class A applicants must have a shareholding ratio of more than 20%. Class A applicants must have a shareholding ratio of 51% or more, either separately or in combination with Class B applicants, to be eligible to apply;

(2). Before the issuance of the current funding notice, the applicant must participate in at least one competition in the list ofInnovative Entrepreneurship Competition List, regardless of the level;

(3). Iftheapplicantdoes not meetthesecondrequirement,he or she mustparticipate in at least one innovation and entrepreneurship competition designated by theEntrepreneurship Park within 6 months from the date of signing theAgreement on Admission.


(1). The above-mentioned “Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Universities” include:①other local universities in Shenzhen except Shenzhen University;②full-time higher education universities in Shenzhen;③legalfull-timehigher education colleges in accordance with Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan laws and government regulations;

(2).Shenzhen local students (or graduates) who are enrolled (or graduated) in universitiesoutside Shenzhenare regarded as Shenzhencollegestudents (or graduates);

(3).About timeand attachments to be submitted, please refer to the official notice of the current periodfor details. The noticeisissued in April and October each year.



III. Conditionsfor SpecialFundsApplicants

Special funds shall be given to the entrepreneurial projectsbyTaiwan,Hong Kong, Macao and minority studentsof SZUwho meet the requirements of the A1 class of applicants. There shall be no less than 2 members of the A1 class in the team, and the total shareholding (or expected shareholding) ratio shall not be lower than 51%. The member with the highest proportion of shares (or expected shares)shall apply.

IV.FundingPeriod andContent

The funding period is 6 months (starting from the date of signing the relevant agreement with theEntrepreneurshipPark).


(1).After the expiration, the company’s registered address and bank account opening address should be moved out of theEntrepreneurship Park within 30 days. If there is any violation, theEntrepreneurship Park will report to the Market Supervision Administration on the grounds of “not actually working intheEntrepreneurshipPark” and issue a warning notice in theofficial account ofWeChatandOfficial website. The company is responsible for the resultsto bemarkedas“Operational Abnormality.”

(2).After leaving thePark, if the main shareholder of the company still has not graduated, it is necessary to resubmit theVirtual Incubation Application Form. After school approval, it can continue to extend the company registration address and bank account opening address for 6 months.

The funding includes four aspects:venturecapitalfund, office space, public space, andvalue-added logistics service. The funding plan is determined through project review and resource allocation (docking).

1.Venture Capital Fund

The school venture fund is freely funded to start the operation of the entrepreneurial project (team), and the use of the venture fund must comply with the regulations of the school.

(1). Generalapplicants: The amount of subsidy is 20,000 to 100,000 yuan,andno more than 30projects.The “funding level” isdecidedaccording to the results of the review,and the venture capital fund is issued according to the total shareholding ratio of the A1 and A2classesof applicants. The calculation method is as follows:

A class member total shareholding ratio = R

Actual amount of funding


1.0*Funding base


0.5*Funding base


0.3*Funding base


0.2*Funding base

(2).Special fund applicants: The amount of subsidy is 20,000to100,000 yuan, and no more than 5 entrepreneurial teams are selected for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and minority students. Other projects are awarded5,000yuan for the undifferentiated basic venture fundand the numberofprojects is to be determined.This item is combined with thegeneralapplicantsand is independently scored.

(3). Investment assistance: Before the school announces the specific funding plan, the companiesthat obtained the venture capital in the previous year will be given additional fundingof1% of the investment (up to a maximum of 50,000 yuan) without review.Companiesthat receive venture capitalin the fundingperiodwill be given additional fundingof2% of the investment(up to a maximum of 100,000yuan) without review.

(4). Contest rewards: In the funding period, if the company uses Shenzhen University as the participating unit to sign up for the designated entrepreneurial competition and win the second prizeor higher prize, it shall begiven additional fundingof3,000 to20,000 yuan according to theShenzhen University Science and Technology Innovation Competition AwardSystem.

(5). Patent application subsidy: During the funding period, the companythatapplies for or obtains the invention patent and utility model patent (accordingto the date of acceptance and certificate)can begiven additionalsubsidyof50%of application feeswithin 45 days from the date of obtaining the patent certificate (accordingto the date of the certificate),and canapplyformultiple patents.The total amount of funding for a single company does not exceed 20,000 yuan.


(1). The appropriationof the venture capital is based on the completion of the commercial registration and the clear shareholding of the venture project. The funds for gainingventure capitalorwinning a prizecan be only applied once.

(2).The subsidy period ofthe projectsfrom the school’s free fundisno more than 4 period (2 period per year),andthey canreceiverespectively100%, 60%, 40% and 20% of venture capital;

(3).The general projectof virtual incubation can also get investment assistance, competitionreward and patent subsidy.

2. OfficeSpace

The free office spaceforteamsis divided into three categories:

(1). Thefixedoffice space provided by the Entrepreneurship Park (one to threeofficedistricts, including office desks, cabinets, lockers, power supplies, campus networks, commercial broadband, etc.);

(2). The free office space providedby theEntrepreneurship Parkand thirty-fouroff-campus incubators with a total area of more than 3,000 square metersfor6 months.Itrequires two-way selection by thePark andteams to chooseoffice or officedistricts.

(3). The shared officedistrictsprovided by thePark (including office desk, cabinet, locker, power supply, broadband).

The funding for office space isdetermined bythe “orderof project review” and “two-way choice.” Different types of venues cannot beapplied at the same time.The appropriation of venture funds is not restricted by office space.

Shenzhen University has the right to limit the quotasof projects that apply for space in campus subsidy according todifferent types of teams.The team (enterprise) must comply with the regulations of the schoolwhen itusesthe space. If the business carried outin the Park violate public order, customs,laws,rulesandregulationof the school, the Pioneer Park has the right to terminate the funding of the entrepreneurial project and theusage ofthe site.

III. PublicSpace

Free public service space for entrepreneurial teamsis as follows.

(1).Conference room, negotiation room, training room,performance hall and maker space of thePark (including indoor commercial wired/wireless broadband).It ismanagedaccording toprinciplessuch asappointment application, free usingand time controlling. The team (enterprise) must comply with the regulations of the schoolwhen itusesthe space in campus.

(2).Conference room, negotiation room, training room,performance hall, and maker space provided by the off-campus incubator,the maker space,or thePark throughtheiragreement and cooperation (the preferential methods of the park are different). The team (enterprise) must comply with the regulations of management agencywhen itusesoff-campusspace.

IV. LogisticsService

The freelogisticsservices provided by the Entrepreneurship Park, theManagementPark and the Entrepreneur Alliance for theteamsare as follows.

(1). Free financial and tax advice, intellectual property consulting, project diagnosis, workshops, etc.;

(2). Business training (including but not limited to intellectual property, brand planning, corporate management, financing investment, financial legal affairs, etc.);

(3).Priority is given unconditionally to takeBusiness Startup coursesoffered by the School of Entrepreneurship of SZU;

(4). Regularly held entrepreneurial salons and roadshows,andentrepreneurial resources such as projects, teams, mentors, funds, venues, industry chains and clients;

(5). Priority is given tobesuppliers of goods and services for studentEntrepreneurshipPark (subject to compliance with official procurement regulationsofgovernment and schools).


V. FundingApplicationandReviewProcess

1.Submit one copy of the written version and the electronic version of theEntrepreneurialProjectFunding Application Form(see the attached file for the template), and 20 copies of the short version of the business plan (unlimitedformatand length). Pleaseseal and pastethe label (provided by the Park andon-site packaging) with the designated envelopefor review.

2.In the initial review of the project, the team shall be prepared to accept the telephone interview or face-to-face inquiry by the judges and evaluate the finalists.

3. Finalistshouldsubmitan electronic version of the roadshow PPTof7 minutes and sent to the mailbox

4.For the finalist roadshow, theapplicationteam should prepare for the defense and submit several copies of the business plan on site.

5.The resultswill bereported to the school andthefunding planwill be announcedafterdetermination.

For the time and placementionedabove and the attachments to be submitted, please refer to the official notice of the current period.


VI. Consultation andTrainingArrangements

1.After the official announcement of the subsidy notice, the school willholda publicity seminaraboutthe application for the fundingprojects,tospecifically explain the state’s support policies for young college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, and publicize the supportingmeasures and specific practices of the schoolforstudents and alumni to start a business.

2.From the date of the announcement of the notice, the consultation service will be provided by the teachersof the Management Officeof the EntrepreneurshipPark oneveryTuesdays and Thursday afternoons (14:00-17:00) at the Management Office.

3.From the date of the announcement of the notice,theconsultation servicewill be provided bythe consulting expertsonentrepreneurial project to provide project application guidance every Friday morning in 102negotiation roomin the Entrepreneurship Park.Special counseling shall be arranged according to the appointment arrangement.

The time and placementionedabove are detailed in the currentofficialnotice.

Please search for “SZUCHUANG”or scan the QR code,and followthe officialaccount“Entrepreneurship Park of Shenzhen University”toget timely information on official fundingnoticeandvariousinnovation and entrepreneurial activities.

Please search for “Entrepreneurship Park of Shenzhen University” togetmap navigationand toquickly locate the exact location of thePark.