Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Shenzhen University gets recognition for the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education

Shenzhen University’s innovation and entrepreneurship education reform has distinctive features.

In September 2016, the Head Office for National Education System Reform introduced the experience and practices of Shenzhen University’s innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in an article entitled “Shenzhen University: Five Transformations to Promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education.”

Approved by relevant central leaders, this article was issued to the whole country in the form of “Education System Reform Briefing.” Shenzhen University has been awarded as the “National Model University of Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform,” the “Guangdong Model School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform” and the “Shenzhen Demonstration Base of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.”

Innovation and entrepreneurship education of Shenzhen University has been fully recognized by the society. Various media in the country have widely reported the achievements of Shenzhen University in innovation and entrepreneurship. It has 431,000 entries about “Shenzhen University Entrepreneurship Education” on Baidu, which shows a good social reputation of this work.

Shenzhen University has twice successfully hosted the “Shen Chuang Cup,” the International College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. It was supervised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and the Torch High-tech Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. It was jointly organized by Shenzhen University and more than 20 well-known universities and enterprises at home and abroad. The competition aims to encourage young college students around the world to integrate international vision, international elements and Chinese elements in innovation and entrepreneurship, and to promote exchanges and cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship education at home and abroad.

There were international college students from more than 50 countries and regions and 80 universities from around the world, and more than 10,000 college students and 2,000 innovative entrepreneurial projects from more than 200 universities in China signing up for the “Shen Chuang Cup” contest. In the end, the returned overseas graduates from Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Sheffield won the championships of the two competitions respectively.

The competition always adheres to the concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing.” It also insists on sharing resources, platforms, responsibilities and results, which gives each participant a full sense of acquisition.

Participants of the “Shen Chuang Cup” have inherited “Shen Chuang” spirit and passed it to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Wonderful Land of China and “One Belt One Road.” They have jointly promoted the development of innovation and entrepreneurship with upgraded version of “Shen Chuang” Cup, and also provided China’s solutions for the innovative, harmonious and sustainable development of the world economy.