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Shenzhen University Holds Opening Ceremony to Welcome Freshmen

Shenzhen University has welcomed students back post pandemic, marking the beginning of a safe, normal and full fall semester in 2020. The return of teachers and students has contributed to the vitality of the SZU campuses. SZU President Li Qingquan welcomed first-year students on the 2020 opening ceremony held on September 22. He urged new students to take life-long learning, innovation, kindness and hope to heart, meet new challenges with enthusiasm and confidence, and have a satisfying and fulfilling college experience.

Over 10,000 students enrolled, 131 receive scholarship

Xu Chen, SZU vice president presided over the ceremony. He said that this year SZU welcomed more than 11,000 new students, among which there are 6,914 undergraduate freshmen. The quality of undergraduate enrollment continues to improve with a growing number of students with high Gaokao (college entrance examination) scores having chosen SZU. As one of the most popular universities for graduate programs, SZU has admitted 177 PhD candidates and 4,155 postgraduates this year, an increase of 61% and 42% over last year respectively and reaching a record high in postgraduate enrollment. Recommended direct admissions of undergraduate candidates exceeded 600, many of whom are from prestigious universities at home and abroad. In addition, with the increasing international reputation and influence of SZU, SZU has enrolled 500 international students from 66 countries, of which 180 have already arrived at SZU and registered.

Liu Hongyi, SZU Council Chair presented awards to new student representatives who have won the“Top Innovative Talents” this year, a training program aimed to attract students with excellent Gaokao scores since 2017. According to the evaluation standards, the first prize winners must be students whose Gaokao scores rank among the top 500 in science and top 400 in liberal arts in Guangdong province (among the top 2‰in liberal arts or science for students from other provinces) or those who have won the second prize in the Middle School Olympic Contest China Final in math, physics, chemistry, biology orinformatics while they are in high school. Not only will the winners receive high scholarships, but they will also obtain the interview opportunity for the Institute for Advanced Study or pre-admission to the experimental classes. This year, Yang Xiquan won the first prize; 37 first-year students including Chen Cong won the second prize and 93 including Wu Wubin won the Discipline Scholarship.

Li Qingquan urged new students to be true to themselves

In his speech, Li Qingquan said that 2020was destined to be an extraordinary year. The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging the world, and China is facing many challenges at home and abroad. This year marks the 40thanniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SZE) and the first year of the building of the city into a socialist demonstration area.“At such a special time, you have come to Shenzhen and chosen Shenzhen University,” he said.“As you have chosen Shenzhen University, you have chosen this city.”

Li Qingquan said that the anti-epidemic practice of the Shenzhen people reflected the speed of the SZE where time is money and efficiency is life. It also demonstrates that the SZE is people-oriented city where life comes first and shows the city’s spirit of innovation, perseverance, and refinement. SZU, a university whose development is closely intertwined with that of the city, has taken actions to contribute to the fight against the pandemic, demonstrating the passion and social responsibility of the SZU members and the down-to-earth spirit of the university.“This power comes from this city, this university and every one here.” Looking back into the turbulent history of the SZE and the development of SZU, he urged the new students to be true to themselves in pursuit of their dreams: keep seeking knowledge with life-long learning attitudes; be innovative, which requires not only independent thinking, the courage to discover and question, and critical thinking, but also bold hypothesis and careful verification; be sincere and kind; have hope and never give up with the determination to overcome difficulties and the courage to overcome setbacks.

“May the spirits of Shenzhen and Shenzhen University be with you and illuminate your future and dream like stars and light no matter what circumstances,” he concluded. Out of epidemic prevention and control, the ceremony this year was cut short without performances. However, the message and wishes from the president will undoubtedly become the best“gift” for the new students: Enjoy the road of life as the age willgive you the bestprospects,gifts, andall the good things life has to offer.

Li Xiyan talked about“big things”, “small things” and “current things”

Li Xiting, chairman at Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co Ltd., was invited to give a speech on the ceremony. Asthe class of 2024 experienced Gaokao andenrollment amid fight against pandemic, Li Xiting sharedhis thoughts on “big things”, “small things” and “current things” with the young students. In the global anti-epidemic battle, Mindray has contributed to themaintenance of global public health security and human health with itsown core technology and “Made in China”.

Wu Kaishun, professor of the College of Computer Science and Software Engineering, is anational candidate of “the New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project” and has been selected asYoung and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions. Hespokeon the ceremonyon behalf of the teachers. He recalled that he took the Gaokao at the outbreak of SARS, just like the new students who took the Gaokao during the pandemic. He hoped that the freshmen could enjoy the freedom of the college life withself-discipline and encouraged the first-year students to discover, explore, feel, experience, learn,find and surpass themselves,love and be loved and tomake the very best out oftheir life.

Li Xiaolu, a new student representative from the Institute for Advanced Study gave a speech on the ceremony. She hoped that the students could make the full use of time in the new chapter of their lives and jointly promote the development of SZU.

The ceremony was attended by academicians, leaders of the university and colleges/schools, teacher representatives and new student representatives.

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