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Shenzhen University Celebrates Teacher's Day


To mark China’s 36th Teacher’s Day, Shenzhen University held a meeting on September 10 to commend the outstandingunits and individuals.

The meeting commended educators who have taught for 30 years in Shenzhen University, outstandingindividuals of Shenzhen University, departments and individuals whohavemade remarkable contributions to teaching and scientific research, national award winners, provincial and municipal recognizedindividuals,faculty members who have honorably retired and staff who have worked in epidemic prevention and control.SZU Council Chair Liu Hongyi and President Li Qingquan presented awards to the representatives of the award-winning teachers, extended Teachers' Day greetings and paid tributes to all teachers and staff on behalf of the university.


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SZE). In his speech, LiuHongyi said that the 37-year-old Shenzhen University was a microcosm of the struggle history of the SZE. Shenzhen University has established the SZU speed and realized the culturally oriented transformation and connotative development. With the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Shenzhen, Shenzhen University will embark on a new journey of developing into a world first-class innovative university. Since its establishment, regardless of good times and bad times, the development of Shenshen University and the SZE has closely intertwined, living up to Deng Xiaoping’s expectations that Shenzhen University must be run well.

LiuHongyi said,“As the eldest child of the SZE, Shenzhen University has always resonated with the grand process of reform and opening up in the SZE, making it bound to become the inheritor of the spirit of the SZE.” As the inheritor of the culture and spirit of the SZE, Shenzhen University should take the lead in reform and innovation. When faced with new standards and shackles of outdated systems, Shenzhen University will solve the predicament with the courage to break through and develop and find its position among the top institutions in China. As the“eldest child”, Shenzhen University shoulders the responsibility to cultivate talents. In the past 37 years, Shenzhen University has trained more than 300,000 innovative and entrepreneurial men and women for the SZE with many talents becoming an indispensable part of the history of reform and opening up. In the development of higher education in Shenzhen, almost all the founding teams and core members in local colleges and universities come from Shenzhen University, demonstrating the significance of Shenzhen University to higher education in the SZE. Young as Shenzhen University is, the universitywill carry forward the excellent traditions from reform and opening up, the SZE and the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.He encouraged all SZU members to never forget our original aspirations, be down-to-earth, be prepared for danger in times of peace and to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.

Liu Hongyi pointed out that the fundamental purpose and ultimate goal of education is to trainmen and women and that the mission of a university lies infostering the positive human values of those who have noble character like the“sage gentleman” of traditional Chinese culture. To cultivate a noble man, teachers must first be lofty. Likewise, universities are the cradle of cultivating noble men and women for the country. This is exactly why Shenzhen University first proposed“building a university with a soul” and puts“fostering virtue through education” as the fundamental mission. In the end, Liu Hongyi expressed his expectation for all teachers,“All history is contemporary history.” The most important is the present and the future, which relies on everyone to make it even better from generation to generation

Huang Lei, professor of College of Electronic and Information Engineering delivered a speech on behalf of the teachers. He said,“Teachers should be caring for their students. At present, Shenzhen University is striding forward to a national first-class university, which requires us to gather talents from all over the world to make breakthroughs in faculty strength, scientific research and international reputation. As a teacher in Shenzhen University, we are passionate about our career and are willing to give and contribute more so as to the mission of the times.”

At present,Shenzhen University has a total of 3,894 staff members, including 2,377 academic staff members (among which there are 40 domestic and foreign academicians and Nobel Prize winners), 229 high-level talents of the State, Ministry of Education, and Guangdong Province, 641 high-level talents of Shenzhen and 921 talents of the“Peacock Plan”. Under the severe challenge of the COVID pandemic, Shenzhen University has carried out online courses to steadily promote discipline construction and scientific research, achieving fruitful results.

This meeting was attended byover 200 people, including leaders of the university, colleges/schools and departments, award-winning units and individual representatives and student representatives. The meeting was chaired bySZU CouncilVice-chair Fan Zhigang.

(Publicity department, Shenzhen University)