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Three given title of named professor

THREE professors from Shenzhen University (SZU) were granted the named professor title of the Tencent founder alumni team by the SZU’s talent fund at a ceremony held yesterday morning at SZU.

The three professors are Li Xiaopeng from SZU’s school of chemistry and environment engineering, Rao Feng from SZU’s material school, and Huang Hui with SZU’s computer and software school.

The three professors are in the first batch to receive the title.

Li and his team are committed to the design and preparation of large-scale complex supramolecules. Rao focuses on autonomous phase change storage technology while Huang centers on intelligent graphics and perceptual computing.

The three professors extended their gratitude during the ceremony to the Tencent founder alumni team and the talent fund in supporting their research.

The SZU talent fund was established in 2018. Tencent’s four founders, also alumni of SZU, namely Ma Huateng, Zhang Zhidong, Chen Yidan and Xu Chenye, donated 350 million yuan (US$51.59 million) to jointly set up the talent fund under the name of the Tencent founder alumni team.

The SZU talent fund, jointly managed by SZU and SZU education development foundation, focuses on providing financial support to academic leaders and young scholars in their research and studies.

The named professors are selected from SZU’s full-time teaching staff. Each selected professor can receive as much as 300,000 yuan each year during their contract period.

“We are planning to raise 1 billion yuan and to select 100 named professors,” said Li Qingquan, president of SZU.

Ma and Chen delivered a speech through a WeChat voice message and video respectively at the ceremony.

ByWang Jingli | Shenzhen Daily