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SZU President Li Qingquan VisitedDapeng New District to Promote Establishment of Ocean Research Institute

Shenzhen University President Li Qingquan and vice-president Zhang Xueji visited the International Bio-Valley in Baguang, Dapeng New District on June 10 to hold discussion on the establishment of the Ocean Research Institute of Shenzhen University with Yang Jun, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dapeng New District, and Liu Guangyang, vice secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee.

Visiting the Exhibition Hall which has various theme exhibitions, Li Qingquan and his team expressed expectations for the development prospects of Baguang in the fields of life and health, marine industry, marine science and education.

During the discussion, both parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the construction of the Ocean Research Institute of Shenzhen University. Li Qingquan said,“Shenzhen University has carried out successful cooperation with various districts in Shenzhen and currently has the intention to collaborate with Dapeng New District in marine disciplines.” Shenzhen University has recruited a group of marine science experts and talents to build the Ocean Research Institute, and will establish the School of Ocean Sciences in the future. As marine disciplines are highly interdisciplinary with biology and new energy technologies, the University will provide industry incubation support for Dapeng New District in the comprehensive field. He said,“The present top priority is to determine the cooperation framework and to advance the work in steps.” The scientific research team will begin to work in the District after the contract is signed, promoting the industry-university-research integration and business incubation.

Expressing his thanks for Li Qingquan’s visit, Yang Jun said,“Dapeng New District will fully support the construction of the Ocean Research Institute of Shenzhen University.” He hopes that the two parties sign the contract at the earliest to start in-depth collaboration. Baguang enjoys unique marine resources and geographic advantages, while Shenzhen University boasts high-level talents and scientific research resources. Leveraging the advantages of both parties, the cooperation will focus on the application of marine science and technology in the marine economy and integrate talents, projects, industries and finance with the aim of creating a platform to gather innovative resources, enhance scientific and educational strength and facilitate industry development, boosting the development of Shenzhen into a global marine center.

Zhang Xueji introduced the history and development of Shenzhen University and the achievements the University has made in high-level university construction. Since its establishment, Shenzhen University has closely followed the pace of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, and pressed ahead resolutely to become a university that manifests the development of Shenzhen, a window of China’s reform and opening up and a pilot zone of higher education. It has developed a complete talent training system offering undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs and a multi-level scientific research and social service system, and has made remarkable achievements in talent cultivation, discipline construction, international exchanges, and academic research. Since the construction of high-level university, Shenzhen University has risen rapidly in domestic and world ranking, achieving“new Shenzhen speed”.

Hu Qiang, Distinguished Professor of Shenzhen University, gave an introduction on the Ocean Research Institute.Striving to be on the forefront of international marine science, the Institute will closely follow the national and Shenzhen marine development strategies, and fully tap into the research and development strength of Shenzhen University in the marine field with the key research areas being marine algae biological resources, marine microbiome engineering, three-dimensional monitoring of marine environment and ecological security, marine disaster prevention and mitigation and marine equipment, marine energy and marine information systems. The Institute is committed to developing into a marine science and technology research institute with global influence, laying a solid foundation to the establishment of the School of Ocean Sciences dedicated to marine science and technology research and talent cultivation in the next 3 to 5 years, providing important technical and talent support for Shenzhen to become a global marine center and implement the marine economic strategy, and facilitating the construction of Dapeng International Bioscience Industrial Park and Dapeng National Marine Biological Industrial Park at the International Bio-Valley.

The meeting was also attended by members of the Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of Dapeng New District, and heads from various departments of Shenzhen University including the Office of Party and Administration, Publicity Department, Graduate School/the Office of Discipline Construction and College of Life Sciences and Oceanography.

(Publicity Department, Shenzhen University)