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SZU President Li Qingquan Attended the Groundbreaking Ceremony of ShanweiInstitute of Technology

Shenzhen University President Li Qingquan attended the groundbreaking ceremony of key projects in the second quarter of 2020 on June 10 in Shanwei city in eastern Guangdong province, officially marking the start of construction of Shanwei Institute of Technology, a key project under the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and led by the Education Department of Guangdong Province.

Speaking at the event, Li Qingquan congratulated the start of the Shanwei Institute of Technology project. He said,“Shenzhen University will provide counterpart support to the construction of Shanwei Institute of Technology, and will strive to build the Institute into a national renowned and provincial first-class application-oriented university in accordance with the principles of high-standard design and high-level construction, creating an education plateau in Shanwei that integrates talent cultivation, scientific research, social service, and cultural inheritance.” After the ceremony, Li Qingquan commented in an interview with Shanwei TV Station,“Shenzhen University will fully support the construction of Shanwei Institute of Technology according to the requirements of the provincial and municipal governments, give full play to its advantages and stay in close contact with the Institute so as to ensure the detailed implementation of work including campus planning, discipline planning and faculty recruitment, and to accelerate the construction of the Institute into a high-quality and high-level application-oriented university with its own characteristics so that it can provide talent support for Shanwei to become a pearl in the coastal economic belt.”

At the construction site of Shanwei Institute of Technology, Zhang Xiaoqiang, secretary of the CPC Shanwei Municipal Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of Shanwei Municipal People's Congress, Lu Feng, mayor of Shanwei city and Li Qingquan learned in detail about the project planning and construction. As a university administered by the province with a planned area of about 1.3296 million square meters, Shanwei Institute of Technology will be built in two phases with a total planned enrollment of 15,000 students (including 3,500 graduate students). The first phase covers an area of about 632,200 square meters with a total construction area of 368,300 square meters. In September 2021, the Institute will offer five undergraduate programs of marine resource development technology, computer science and technology, new energy science and engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, and business administration, with an enrollment of 400 students.

The ceremony was held at different sites where the projects reside to mark the start of construction of 56 key projects in the second quarter of 2020 in Shanwei with the construction site of Shanwei Institute of Technology being the main venue. It was also attended by leaders of the Shanwei municipal government and heads from the various departments of Shenzhen University.

After the ceremony, Li Qingquan visited the SZU Support Team to Shanwei Institute of Technology at the work station to learn in details about the progress of the project and difficulties encountered by the team.

(Publicity Department, Shenzhen University)