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Prof. Junle Qu, Prof. Jun Song and their team publish a research paper on perovskite in Nano Energy

Prof. Junle Qu, Prof. Jun Song and their team from the College of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering of Shenzhen University published a paper entitled “Self-powered photodetectors based on CsxDMA1-xPbI3 perovskite films with high detectivity and stability” in Nano Energy, a top journal in energy science, suggesting that self-powered photodetectors with high detectivity, broad spectral response range, and excellent stability could be fabricated by improving the optical performance and stability of new perovskite materials.

Shenzhen University is the first affiliation for correspondence. Dr. Ludong Li of SZU is the first author of this paper and Prof. Jun Song of SZU is the corresponding author.


Metal halide perovskites are widely studied in photodetection applications due to their outstanding optical and electrical properties. However, it is still a challenge to develop self-powered perovskite photodetectors with all the characteristics of high photoresponse performance, broad spectral response range, and excellent long-term stability. In this paper, we demonstrate the high-performance self-powered photodetectors based on optimized CsxDMA1-xPbI3 (0.7 < x < 1) perovskite films. By adjusting the solution concentration and molar ratio of CsI/DMAPbI3 in the perovskite precursor, the dark current of devices was decreased significantly by three orders of magnitude and the light current of devices was improved at the same time. Systematic investigations have revealed that the improvement of device performance originates from the reduced bandgap, decreased trap density and increased film thickness of the optimized perovskite films. The optimal self-powered photodetectors display broad spectral response range (300–750 nm), high specific detectivity (>1 × 1013 Jones), fast response, and excellent long-term stability. These intriguing results indicate that CsxDMA1-xPbI3 perovskite films have tremendous application potential in future self-powered photoelectrical detection technology.


The paper was published in Nano Energy, a top journal in energy science (JCR Physics Q1, top journal, impact factor: 17.28).

Since 2018, Prof. Junle Qu, Prof. Jun Song and their research team have published about 40 papers discussing perovskite preparation and its application in biological and new energy fields in top journals including Angewandte Chemie International Edition (4 papers), Advanced Materials (2 papers), Advanced Science (1 paper), Chemical Society Reviews (1 paper), Small (3 papers), Laser & Photonics Reviews (2 papers), Nano Energy (2 papers).


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