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SZU adds three new undergraduate majors in 2020: Financial Technology, Robotic Engineering, and Preschool Education

Recently, the Ministry of Education has released the results of new undergraduate majors in higher education institutes and universities of 2019. This year, Shenzhen University received approval to add three new majors, including Financial Technology, Robotic Engineering, and Preschool Education. Upon completion of four years of study, students will be awarded of Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Education.

The major “Financial Technology” is a close integration of Finance and Technology. In 2019, Shenzhen University jointly with WeBank took the lead to fund WeBank Financial Technology School of Shenzhen University. Aimed at nurturing interdisciplinary professional talents in support of Shenzhen Fintech Industry, Shenzhen University started actively applying for funding the major in the same year.

Taking advantage of University-Industry collaboration, this major aims at nurturing talents with a solid theoretical foundation in Economics, Finance, Information and Computer Science, an understanding of international Fintech in theory and practice, a familiarity with international Fintech related policies and regulations and the ability to work in Government departments, bank securities insurance, and technology companies.

At the same time, Shenzhen University plans to develop different areas of Financial Technology, including applications of big data in Finance Technology, blockchain in finance, insurance technology and regulatory technology to fulfill different demands from the Financial Technology industry.

The undergraduate major “Robotic Engineering” focuses on developing robotic systems, software, Algorithm Design and Development, and Applied Engineering. It intends to cultivate all-round and innovative engineers with knowledge of science and engineering, mechanical design of robots, an understanding of digital control and information technology, applied skills in embedded systems hardware and software design and algorithm design knowledge.

In order to fulfill the urgent demand for outstanding kindergarten teachers for Guangdong province, especially Shenzhen kindergartens, SZU will offer the undergraduate major “Preschool Education”. The major follows the new concept of Preschool Education, by incorporating advanced education experiences from foreign countries and implementing the development strategy of national and local Preschool Education. Consequently, it will cultivate teachers, researchers and administrative staff with sincere enthusiasm, international vision, high moral character, and good scientific, cultural and artistic accomplishment for Preschool Education.