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SZU faculty, students and alumni donate to support China’s fight against COVID-19 epidemic

Facing the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19, many organizations, teachers and students of Shenzhen University lend their helping hands and make their own contributions by donating money and supplies. In this way, they send their warmest love and assistance across a long distance to Wuhan.

SZU branch of RCCK makes generous donation

In a concerted effort to fight against the epidemic, the Shenzhen University branch of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang (RCCK) are taking action to rally compassionate efforts to support the battle against COVID-19.

After Shenzhen University General Hospital released its donation request, Professor Zhang Xiaohong, a member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of RCCK and the chairman of the SZU branch of RCCK, not only made her own donation immediately, but also called on others to donate. Through the WeChat moments of Professor Zhang, more than 20 people were called in action to donate money or medical supplies to Shenzhen University General Hospital. In addition, a dozen SZU teachers of the SZU branch of RCCK donated a total of 230,000 yuan. Among the health care staff of the Shenzhen University General Hospital, three party members of the SZU branch of RCCK, which are Ren Yeping, director of the nephrology department, Dong Fengquan, attending doctor of the cardiology department, and Chen Liming, associate chief physician of the neurology department, are holding firm to their posts and throwing themselves painstakingly and selflessly into the frontline of the fight against the epidemic.

Many a little makes a mickle and union is strength. Led by Professor Zhang Xiaohong, the SZU branch of RCCK has been gathering supplies, seeking help and actively raising donations for Shenzhen University General Hospital. In just 5 days, 20 enterprises and many alumni donated ‘loving packages’ containing medical materials such as new coronavirus test-kits and disposable virus sampling tubes, as well as necessities such as vegetables and milk to the hospital.

“The epidemic is merciless, but people are compassionate. The assistance of different sectors of society gives all the medical workers here the warmest encouragement,” said Xiong Jing, the secretary of the Party committee of Shenzhen University General Hospital, “We have the determination and responsibility to shoulder the sacred mission of protecting the health and safety of the people.”

Supplies from Alumni Association of the College of Mass Communication delivered to Hubei

Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, the whole nation has been highly concerned with the epidemic in Wuhan. After the alumni association of the College of Mass Communication in Shenzhen University organized fundraising events in support of Wuhan on its WeChat public account on January 26, alumni, teachers, students and people from other social sectors showed their generosity by donating. As of 6:00 p.m. on February 5, a total 83,805.18 yuan has been raised with 39,171.6 yuan used.

The fundraisers range from 1996 alumni to current students of the College of Mass Communication in Shenzhen University. “Many alumni didn’t provide their names, but they simply wrote down ‘donation to Wuhan from a student of CMS’”, said a staff member of the Alumni Association.

The alumni association of the College of Mass Communication in Shenzhen University purchased medical materials with the donations at the first time, and then delivered them to key epidemic prevention areas in Hubei Province. Deng Shutao, President of the alumni association of the College of Mass Communication in Shenzhen University, who led the donation, said that the first 3000 KN95 masks had been delivered to Wuxue Maternity & Child Health Care Hospital on January 28, and 100 pairs of medical rubber gloves had been sent to Wuxue First People's Hospital. "The most frequently used words they said to me when I communicated with the first-line doctors were: You keep us from being lonely!" said Deng Shutao.

The alumni association of the College of Mass Communication is jointly donating the second batch of materials with the Yangtze River Business School. The total amount is expected to exceed 1 million yuan. All materials will be sent to Wuhan Wuchang Hospital, Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, Wuhan Sixth People's Hospital, Wuhan Wuxue First People's Hospital, Shenzhen University General Hospital, Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, and so on.

SZU students & party members harvested 18 tons of leek overnight to be delivered to Wuhan

Recently, the news that a warm-hearted person from Xuwen County, Guangdong Province donated 18 tons of vegetables to Wuhan was posted on the People's Daily, China Morning Newspaper and other media, which received netizens’ wide praise. The donor of the vegetables is Xu Fangwen, a student of Shenzhen University.

Xu Fangwen, a senior at Shenzhen University, is also a party member. Xu Fangwen was very worried about the epidemic in Wuhan and the serious shortage of daily necessities caused by the impact of the epidemic. He thought as a party member he should take the lead to do something for the people in the epidemic area, so he suggested to his father Xu Fengnian that he donate the leeks from his vegetable base to Wuhan, which was supported by Xu Fengnian later. So, from 3:00 a.m. on February 2, Xu Fengnian and Xu Fangwen organized more than 100 workers to harvest leeks in an emergency, and then carried out cleaning and sorting, packing and adding ice, loading and other procedures, which took them 16 hours.

It is reported that 18 tons of leek, together with freight and labor costs of more than 100 workers, is worth about 100,000 yuan and arrived in Wuhan’s Wuchang District on February 4. Under the overall coordination of Xuwen County Government, these vegetables will be sent to the welfare institutions of Wuchang District of Wuhan to ensure the supply of vegetables for special groups.

International student from Bangladesh bought 500 protective masks and couriered them to Shenzhen University

Sincerity always shows when hard times come. AS POLASH (Wang Yang), one Shenzhen University international student, purchased 500 protective masks and sent it to SZU to help China get through this hard time.

Wang Yang is a first-year PhD student in SZU, studying in the school of Electronic and Information Engineering. He told a reporter that masks are almost in shortage and it’s difficult to buy one even in a drugstore. Fortunately, he managed to buy 500 masks in Bangladesh after searching in many drugstores. Masks were sent to China through international express delivery on Feb. 3rd. He also sent a video to show his support and care, saying, “Wish you all the best. Don’t worry, I am here with you. With great support to China, I will offer help if needed.”

Wang Yang also mobilizes his friends and classmates in India to help purchase and collect more protective equipment such as masks and gloves. “I have been in China for seven years. It is my second home where I can feel strong happiness. Words just can’t explain my feeling now”, he said, “I am glad to help China as much as I can. I love China. I love SZU. And I would do whatever I can to go through it with you.”