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Physics becomes the 7th discipline listed in the world's top 1% of ESI

According to Essential Science Indicators (ESI) data released on November 15th, 2019, Physics has become the 7th discipline of Shenzhen University listed in the top 1% of ESI. The other disciplines are Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Materials Science, Biology and Biochemistry, Computer Science and Chemistry.

The latest data of ESI show that the Department of Physics, Shenzhen University published 2119 SCI papers, among which are 52 Highly Cited Papers and 4 Hot Papers. These papers were cited 21528 times in total and share an average quoting rate of 10.16. Shenzhen University ranks 730th place among 732 institutions worldwide that have Physics listed in ESI top 1% disciplines. This achievement is evidence of Shenzhen University’s high-level academic productivity and worldwide influence, signifying remarkable success in discipline construction.

Shenzhen University ranks 1099th globally, according to the data released by ESI on November 15th, up 39 places compared with September, among the 6214 worldwide scientific research institutions on the list. Shenzhen University has been the fastest-growing University in mainland China, climbing up one place to the 70th among domestic universities and remaining the 5th among Guangdong universities in the last two months.

The two disciplines Engineering and Computer Science were selected into ESI's top 0.3% disciplines while Materials Science was selected into ESI's top 0.5%. The progress that Chemistry and Materials Science made was the fastest among the seven disciplines in our university rated as the top 1% of ESI, climbing 43 and 20 places respectively.