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Shenzhen University adds 6 new post-doc centers, the highest increase among tertiary institutions in China

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China and National Regulatory Commission for Postdoctoral Studies jointly issued the "Notice on Approving the Establishment of 339 Centers for Post-doctoral Studies". This time, Shenzhen University was granted approval to add 6 new centers for post-doctoral studies, the highest increase among universities in China. Up to now, Shenzhen University has 1 post-doctoral research center and 9 centers for post-doctoral studies.

As a result of China's support to develop post-doctoral work, Shenzhen University took the lead to apply for funding for the research project of joint recruitment of post-doctoral researchers in 1997, and SZU received approval to establish the “Shenzhen University High-tech Enterprise Sub-station of the Shenzhen Enterprise Postdoctoral (Research) Center.” It strongly encourages the university's talented science scholars to join and carry out innovative research. This approval promotes the organic combination of industry, university and research and also establishes a flexible mechanism that is conducive to the free flow of talents.


It is reported that after a five-year hiatus, China once again launched the work of adding and establishing new centers for post-doctoral studies. This year, the number of approved centers for post-doctoral studies reached a total of 339 to be established in 192 different universities and research institutes. The centers for postdoctoral studies are an important platform to strengthen the training of promising talents and accelerate the development of new disciplines. It is important to nurture practical and innovative talents, cultivate high-level scientific research and innovation teams, produce high-level scientific research results, promote the integration of industry, university and research and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Postdoctoral fellows form the main source of innovative high-level talents in colleges and universities. They also provide a “reservoir” for replenishing outstanding young teachers.