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Opening Lesson of Moral Education by President Li Qingquan

On the afternoon of April 2, Li Qingquan, deputy and president of the National People's Congress, in the lecture hall of Science and Technology Building, delivered a lecture to the teachers and students of the school on the theme of Learning and Passing on the spirit of the National People's Congress and promote the innovative development of higher education in the Bay Area. Heming Fu, Dean of the School of Marxism, presided over the lecture. Nearly 300 teachers and students of the school listened to the lecture.


Li Qingquan first conveyed the thoughts of the National People's Congress to the teachers and students present. He first introduced the basic situation of the National People's Congress and the important duties of being a deputy to the National People's Congress. Next, he focused on the scenes, contents, and key points of General Secretary Xi Jinping's participation in the deliberation and publication of important speeches by five delegations, including strengthening the construction of ecological civilization, tackling the fight against poverty, ensuring food security and promoting the high-quality development of agriculture. It is necessary to create a good development environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and to promote the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan for military construction and development. He combined these five points with the reality of Shenzhen and Shenzhen University for in-depth interpretation and analysis. In addition, Li Qingquan also gave a concise explanation of the spirit of the speech made by Premier Li Keqiang during the deliberation of the report on the work of the government, the work report of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the work report of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the work report of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, and the Foreign Investment Law from the Guangdong delegations.


Based on the background and current situation of Shenzhen in the Bay Area, Li Qingquan proposed the establishment of the “Shenzhen Higher Education Special Zone”. He pointed out that the construction of a world-class Bay Area demands world-class higher education, and higher education construction is in a basic position in the construction of a first-class Bay Area. Looking around the world, the rise of the big Bay Area is inseparable from the support of its "strongest brain" ---colleges and universities. For example, the rise of Silicon Valley is inseparable from the contributions of talented universities, talent pools, and technological transformations at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley. Li Qingquan hopes to break through the institutional and institutional barriers in the higher education cooperation in the Bay Area through the state's reform policy of giving priority to the SAR's series of higher education, and explore the creation of a new collaborative innovation and development of higher education that matches the construction of the world-class Bay Area. The mechanism and new system will cultivate more first-class innovative and entrepreneurial talents and provide strong support for building a world-class Bay Area and world-class urban agglomeration.

Finally, Li Qingquan analyzed the current situation and challenges faced by the construction of high-level universities in Shenzhen University based on data on enrollment, discipline construction, scientific research, employment, and talents. Faced with these problems and challenges, Li Qingquan pointed out that we should emancipate our minds, find out the gaps, and make plans and take actions; in team building, we must adhere to both training and introduction, and raise the overall level of the teaching staff; To enhance the competitiveness of students' employment; to achieve coordinated development of organized research and free exploration in discipline construction and scientific research; to achieve breakthroughs in Sino-foreign cooperation projects and two Thousand-talent plans in internationalization construction; and ensure service efficiency and quality in supporting departments of our university. He encouraged the teachers and students to be united and participate in this key stage for Shenzhen University to enter the second phase of the high-level construction and strive to create a beautiful tomorrow belonging to Shenzhen University.

Through a large number of cases, data, and his own deep feelings, Li Qingquan conveyed the spirit of the NPC conference, explained the path of realizing the innovation and development of higher education in the Bay Area, and clearly pointed out the direction in which the school strives to move forward. After the lecture, the teachers and students gave a warm applause.

(Department of Public Relations)