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The Performing Arts Multiple-Purpose Building at Shenzhen University Now under Construction


On the morning of January 2, the groundbreaking ceremony of Shenzhen University Performing Arts Multiple-Purpose Construction Building Project was held at the project construction site. The ceremony was attended by Party Secretary of the CPC Shenzhen University Committee Liu Hongyi, Vice President Du Hongbiao, Shenzhen Geological Bureau Director Zhou Jinwen, Shenzhen University Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. Director Gao Qing, Deputy Director Zhang Jian, Design Manager Qin Li, Shenzhen SOGAR Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd. Chairman Liang Youjun, Deputy General Manager Pan Duozhong, General Manager of Shenzhen Geological Construction Engineering Company Liu Duyi, Deputy General Manager Liu Qiongxiang, and the heads of Shenzhen University Party and University Affairs Office, Publicity Department, Normal College, Infrastructure Department, Logistics Department, Security Department, Information Center, and the School of Architecture & Urban Planning.

Song Botong, Director of the Infrastructure Department of SZU, introduced the general situation of the project. The total construction area of the building is 128,694 square meters, and the total investment of the project is 1.1054 billion yuan. It consists of 4 theaters with different sizes, dance classrooms, piano rooms, art classrooms, recording classrooms, offices and a large underground parking lot. This is by far the most complex and high-standard construction project with the biggest underground parking space in Houhai Campus. After the construction of the project, it will not only effectively increase the teaching and office space for major disciplines such as music, art and dance, but it will also become a place for Shenzhen citizens to take part in and appreciate performances.

Zhang Jian said the project will not only become an art treasure of construction on campus, but also of the construction process, and will make important contributions to related research at Shenzhen University. The project poses great challenges because of the complicated construction, irregular structure, and various design styles. Therefore, only with careful planning, meticulous organization and civilized construction by the construction unit, and the timely supervision by the supervision unit as well as the joint efforts of all parties can the project be completed on schedule.

On behalf of the SOGAR Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., Pan Duozhong said they were aware of their responsibility and were deeply honored to be the engineering consulting unit during the whole process. In the next three years, they will do their utmost and aim to gain great accomplishment in completing this glorious and arduous task.

Zhou Jinwen introduced a series of major engineering projects undertaken by Shenzhen Geological Bureau and its subordinate Shenzhen Geological Construction Engineering Company in recent years. He said that following their involvement in the construction of Xili Campus, now the Company is engaged in the construction of the Performing Arts Multiple-Purpose Building in SZU. They will definitely form an excellent construction team that guarantees both quality and quantity, and will complete the construction task as scheduled. The Shenzhen Geological Bureau and Shenzhen University will work closely together in the fields of urban geology, underground space research, and intellectual city construction, and collaborate in achieving Shenzhen’s goal of becoming one of China’s four top cities.

In his speech at the ceremony, Du Hongbiao said that in the past 35 years, Shenzhen University has followed the reform, innovation and rapid development of the Special Economic Zone. Especially in recent years, SZU has made great progress in teaching and research, personnel training and social services, and the campus construction. In terms of area more construction has been carried out in the past five years than that over the last three decades, providing space for state-of-the-art university buildings. While increasing the quantity of buildings, SZU constantly optimizes the campus environment and comprehensively enhances the cultural connotation of the campus building. In 2017, Shenzhen University received an award in the First Civilized Campus Competition in China. The school also issued the Outline of Cultural Innovation Development and implemented the top ten cultural innovation development projects including the cultural environment platform. In July 2018, the fifth Party Congress of the school put forward a new concept of cultural leadership, innovation-driven and connotation development. The Performing Arts Multiple-Purpose Building Construction Project is the implementation of the school culture development program and the important construction content of the fifth Party Congress of the school, and is also an important part of implementing the Shenzhen cultural development strategy. He hoped that with the joint efforts of all parties, the construction project will be built into a distinctive, connotation, high-quality project and become a cultural representation of SZU.

At the end of the ceremony, Liu Hongyi announced the official start of the Shenzhen University Performing Arts Multiple-Purpose Construction Project.

(Department of Public Relations)