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Celebrate the New Year, celebrate music: Shenzhen University 2019 New Year Concert held

In order to promote the implementation of “Arts & Sports Projects” according to “Shenzhen University Cultural Innovation Development Outline”, the Shenzhen University Philharmonic Orchestra New Year Concert was held on the evening of December 27th at the Shenzhen University Yuanping Gymnasium. The concert was organized by Shenzhen University Normal College and co-organized by Shenzhen University Education Development Foundation. President Li Qingquan, Vice President Wang Hui, Head of the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Nie Bing, and hundreds of teachers and students attended the concert. The concert was conducted by Mr. Lin Daye, an Outstanding Young Conductor, gold medal winner of the 6th Sir Georg Solti International Conductors’ Competition, and visiting professor of Shenzhen University.

The Philharmonic Orchestra kicked off the concert with “The William Tell Overture” and “Salut d'Amour”. Subsequently, Liu Lilin, a soprano and music teacher at Shenzhen University, performed the female solo “Laughing Song”. Ma Linyuan and Xu Tongyue, students from the Department of Dance, Normal College, performed the ballet “Waltz of the Flowers”. Following the performance of “Ruslan and Lyudmila Overture” by the Orchestra, Yang Mengchun, a soprano and music teacher from Shenzhen University, and Zhang Yuchen, a tenor and music teacher from Shenzhen University, brought the concert to life with their performance of the classic Chinese song “A Glass of Fine Wine”. This was followed by a piano performance of “Piano Concerto No. 5 (‘Emperor’)” by Chen Bei, a young pianist and teacher from the Department of Music. The beautiful symphony of singing, dancing, and orchestral music provided an artistic feast for the audience.

The final performances were “The Sun Comes Out”, “Persischer Marschand”, and “Mambo” by the Orchestra. In response to thunderous applause from the audience, the Orchestra played “The Cancan” and “Radetzky March” as an encore, and wished the audience a happy New Year. The marvelous performance by the Orchestra brought in the New Year with joy. “Shenzhen University is 35 years old in 2018. The music tonight encourages us to continue to play even more beautiful symphonies with down-to-earth beats and steps of self-improvement for the next 35 years.” A speech made by the host brought the Philharmonic Orchestra 2019 New Year Concert to an end.

Since its inception in June 2018, the Shenzhen University Philharmonic Orchestra has contributed significantly to the integration of high art into campus culture. It has made fruitful attempts at promoting culture and art on the campus and facilitating a well-rounded educational system at SZU.

(Department of Public Relations)