Undergraduate Education

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In response to the economic and social developments of the nation and the Pearl River Delta Region,Shenzhen University (SZU)follows the rules of higher education.Upholding the motto of “self-reliance, self-discipline, self-improvement,” the Universityis committed tothe fundamental task ofnurturing students withmoral integrityand social responsibility.SZU is oftenfeatured as “the Special Economic Zone University, the Window University, and the Experimental University.”It stresses the importance ofcultivatingstudents’ innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to lead socialprogress and development,and promotes student-centered education with the concept of “school funding to guarantee teaching, comprehensive reform to promote teaching, capital construction to prioritize teaching, and school departments to serve teaching.”It intends to evolve into a word-class university with an international perspective, high quality and unique features.

Up to 2018, there were 28,809 full-time undergraduates in Shenzhen University, accounting for 80.6% of its full-time students. The University has twenty-seven schools, including ninety-six undergraduate majors (according to the statistics at the end of August 2018).At present, the University haselevenprogramsinliterature, history, philosophy, medicine, science, economics, law, management, engineering, education, and arts. Ithas builta multi-disciplinary undergraduate education system with cross-fertilization and coordinated development.

From the new century onwards, in response to the popularization of undergraduate education and the development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, SZU has adapted to local conditions, advanced with the times, proposing a new concept of education as “teaching without discrimination, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and educating with accumulation and practical utility.” It cultivates students with “good abilities, good foundations, a quick start, and rapid transformation” and builds talents with “an open vision, high quality, practical skills, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

SZU has designed courses according to different professional training programs, attaching importance to general education, strengthening professional education, and advancing the module of “innovation and entrepreneurship practice and student development,” which emphasizes students’ independent development. The University has also set up a general education curriculum to expand students’ horizons and strengthen quality education in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, life sciences, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as Chinese culture.

SZU has formed a system with multiple-talent training characteristics. After admission, students have many opportunities to switch majors. They are encouraged to apply for double-degree programs and minor-programs in the credit system. The University also implements various projects: the “elite training project” to cultivate top-notch innovative talents; the “innovation and entrepreneurship education project” to cultivate students’ awareness and ability of innovation and entrepreneurship; the “professional connotation development project” to enhance the level of education; the “practical ability improvements project” to build a diversified practice platform; the “quality curriculum construction project” to optimize teaching resources; the “teaching quality assurance project” to establish a long-term mechanism for monitoring and improving the quality of education.

In May 2014, SZU took the lead in setting up the “UOOC Alliance of Local Universities and Colleges.” By 2018, there were 127 colleges and universities involved, with 259 on-line courses and nearly three million students. The UOOC Alliance uses online teaching resources to explore the integration of Internet and education, implementing “flipped classrooms” and “online and offline hybrid” teaching modes, in order to promote the reform of teaching modes and methods, and to cultivate students’ abilities of independent learning, independent practice and autonomy.

With the strong backing of the city of Shenzhen and facing the world, SZU has evolved alongside the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, both economically and socially. The University will foster high-quality innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the spirit of reform and innovation, strive for cultural leadership to realize innovative and profound developments, and build the high-level Special Economic Zone University for the people.