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Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship

As the first public funding foundation specially established for assisting overseas students, Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship Foundation is established by Shenzhen with sums of money for the purpose of promoting Universiade spirits and boosting cultural and educational exchange of international youth.

.Founding Programs, Number of Funded Students (Target) and Selection Scope

1)Funding programs

1. To fund the foreign students within China receiving full-time academic education of bachelor or above;

2. To fund foreign students within Shenzhen studying Chinese (over half a year) incolleges

3.To fund students previously funded by the foundation, either coming to China to continue their study (course repetition excluded) or to receive full-time academic education of bachelor or above;

4.To fund students from sister cities receiving full-time education in universities and colleges run in Shenzhen;

Applicants applying for studying in China cannot apply for full-time academic education of bachelor or above in colleges in China and studying Chinese in colleges in Shenzhen (over half a year) at the same time. Only one program can be applied for at one time.

2)Number of Funded Students (Target) and Selection Scope shall be determined by the universiade foundation.

II. Selection Criteria of Funded Students

Foreign students coming to China who receive funds shall be friendly to China, excellent both in studies and behavior, with good image and physical condition. The students shall be from different continents with a reasonable proportion and proper male/female ratio. A priority is given to those from countries along “one belt, one road” and other majors related to Chinese culture. Sophomores or students of higher grade will be the majority.

All foreign applicants for receiving full-time education of undergraduate or above in colleges or universities in China must be students studying in China, and those not meeting this requirement will be dismissed. Applicants for studying Chinese (over half a year) in colleges run in Shenzhen could submit the application after confirming the admission of colleges.

The applicants, who are previously funded by the foundation either coming to China or going aboard (overseas) to continue their study (course repetition excluded) or to receive higher level academic education, shall submit the academic transcript and performance report (in paper and electronic version) of last academic year or last-level degree courses. The applicants coming to China may also submit a news report recently published which promotes Chinese culture or the development of Shenzhen.

Students who have enjoyed similar scholarship or grant in China inthe same yearare excluded.

.Funding Criteria and Disbursement Methods

Take Document of Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship Foundationas standard.


Receive application from April to Mayevery year.


Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship Foundation

Address: Room 1401, Floor 14, East Area of Great China International Exchange Square, 1st Fuhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China.

Postcode: 518048.

Hotline: 0755-88107604, 88107605.

Business hours: 9:00 am to 11:30 am, 14:00 pm to 17:00 pm from Monday to Friday

On Awards and Scholarships of InternationalStudents of Shenzhen University

Article 1 In order to improve the university’s international competitiveness, accelerate the university’s globalization process and process towards becoming a high-level university, attract more international students, and motivate current international students, the university hereby founds awards and scholarships for the international students of Shenzhen University, in the spirit ofPlan for the Internationalization of Shenzhen University (2016-2020)as well asPlan for the Cultural Innovation and Development of Shenzhen University.

Article 2 Awards and scholarships for the international students of Shenzhen University (which is henceforth referred to as “the scholarship”) is funded by the school, or by the donations of other organizations and institutions, and is managed in a separate account.

Article3The scholarship is used to award:

1) Prospective international students outstanding in academics and ethics, qualified for university admission, and is allowed by state law for enrollment.

2) Current international students with outstanding performances, which includes, but is not restricted to, award-winning performance in competitions on the national or provincial level, and remarkable contributions to the university’s internationalization process.

Article 4 The university hereby establishes the International Student Scholarship Committee to be in charge of reviewing potential winners of the scholarship. The committee consists of representatives from the College of International Exchange, the International Exchange and Cooperation Department, the Graduate Student Department, the Office of Academic Affairs, and representatives from each academic department. In particular, the College of International Exchange is in charge of the daily management of the scholarship. The International Student Scholarship Committee determines the types and number of the scholarship awarded each year according to applicants’status.

Article 5 The scholarship is divided into five awards: New Student Scholarship, Outstanding Student Scholarship, Competition Bonus, Community Service Award and HSK Award. The awards are distributed once a year, and is effective for one year. The details of the awards are as follows:

Types of Awards

Eligible Students


Award Size


New Student Scholarship

First-year, self-funded international students



The total amount is distributed monthly for a total 10 months





Outstanding Student Scholarship

All self-funded international students



The total amount is distributed monthly for a total 10 months





Competition Bonus

International students who national level awards


and above


International students who won provincial level awards


and above


International students who won city level awards

Third prize and above


Community Service Award

All international students

Outstanding Service Award


Service Award


HSK Award

All international students

For passing level 5


HSK Award is a one-time award, distributed according to the result of the first HSK exam taken after the student’s first term at the university.

For passing level 6


Article 6 The exact amount of Competition Bonus and Community Service Award is determined case by case within the specified parameter.

Article 7 Applicants for all aforementioned awards must also satisfy the follwing requirements:

1) Undergraduate applicants must be under 25 years old, M.A. candidates must be under 35, Ph.D. candidates and visiting scholars must be under 40.

2)Applicants must not have violated state laws, or any recorded disciplinary offense at the university;

3)Applicants must actively take part in all types of student activities organized by the university, and must have had a good performance as a student.

Article 8 Detailed requirements for applicants:

1) New Student Scholarship

Applicants must be one of the following:

1. Outstanding performer in teaching, research or community service prior to its enrollment (two recommendation letters from associate professors or above must be submitted along with the application)

2. Promising candidates determined by the school or by academic departments;

3. Candidates recommended by cooperation partners of Shenzhen University (under a university-level cooperation agreement with the school)

2)Outstanding Student Scholarship

Applicants must be in the top 20% of his or her class; candidates given this award are determined by their academic performance and the scholarship pool.

3)Competition Bonus

Applicants who received third prize or above in national, provincial, or city-level competitions (finalists for national and provincial level competitions); certificates must be provided.

4) Community Service Award

Applicants must satisfy all of the following:

1.Have an above-average academic performance among international students;

2. Be a member of the international student government, take part actively in student activities, be an outstanding member of the international student body, and assist the university administration in international recruitment or in other international cooperation programs.

1)HSK Award

Applicants must pass HSK level 5 or 6 on his or her first try.

Article 9 International Students already receiving scholarships cannot apply for the New Student Scholarship or the Outstanding Student Scholarship, but is eligible for other types of awards mentioned above.

Article 10 In the case where a recipient of the scholarship cannot continue his or her study and is suspended from or drops out of the university, the scholarship is canceled, and the student is responsible for all personal expenses prior to returning to his or her home country.

Article 11 In the case where an applicant of the scholarship is found to have broken state law or university rules, his or her application is immediately withdrawn, any award given is canceled, and such student will be ineligible for scholarship in the following year.

Article 12 Students eligible to apply for the scholarship may do so by submitting the following documents:

1)Application for Shenzhen University International Student Scholarship, filled out in Chinese or in English, and submit both the original and a copied version;

2)Physical Examination Record for Foreigner,printed by the Department of Health and Quarantine;

3)HSK transcript (not necessary for Chinese language students)

4) Award-specfic documents

1. New Student Scholarship

(1) Graduation certificate and transcript: undergraduates must submit the equivalent of Chinese high school graduation certificate and transcript (for students who cannot supply these materials on time, a school certificate may be submitted in their place); M.A candidates must submit his or her B.A. diploma and undergraduate transcript; Ph.D. candidates must submit his M.A. diploma and graduate school transcript.

(2) M.A.and Ph.D. candidates must submit two recommendation letters from experts ranked associate professor or above.

(3) A study/research proposal, written in Chinese or English, over 300 words;

(4) Graduation certificate and transcript must be translated to Chinese or English and be verified.

2.Outstanding Student Scholarship

(1)Shenzhen University transcript;

(2)Recommendation letters from

A)the student’s department,

B)the student’s head teacher or counselor.

3. Competition Bonus

The award certificate from the competition must be submitted.

4. Community Service Award

Applicants must provide, in addition to the general documents, a description of his or her achievements in community service, and a recommendation letter from his head teacher or supervising teacher.

5. HSK Award

The HSK certificate, both original and copied, must be submitted.

Article 13Current student should, after recommendation and approval from his or her department, apply for scholarship at the College of International Exchange Student Affairs Office; new students should apply for scholarship directly at the CIT admissions office.

Article 14 The period where applications for New Student Scholarship are accepted are:

March 20th- April 20thfor Ph.D. candidates;

May 8th- June 20thfor M.A. candidates and undergraduates.

Applicants for New Student Scholarship should submit the electronic version of all application materials on the CIT admissions website before the deadline.

Applications for all other awards are accepted from October 20thto November 10th. Applicants should submit all application materials to the CIT student affairs office before the deadline. All applications submitted after the deadline are not accepted.

Article 15 After the committee selects award recipients the result is posted for three days. During this period one may file an appeal to the committee in which one may voice his or her objections. The committee will view and respond to said appeal. If no objections arise, the recipient list will be formally posted.

Article 16 This document is effective from the day it is posted.

Scholarships andGrants forForeignDoctoralStudents in Shenzhen University

1.Full scholarships.

Economic Theory: 34,000 RMB/person/academic year;

Optical Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering: 40,000 RMB/person/ academic year;

Biomedical Engineering: 52,000 RMB/person/year.

Students shall submit applications and can receive scholarship after gaining the approval of supervisor.

2.Government Scholarships and Basic Grants.

SZU will assist international doctoral students to apply for various scholarships set up by Chinese government and local government. It is suggested that students who meet the requirements actively apply the scholarships. SZU will provide a basic stipend of 40,000RMB per year for those who do not receive government scholarships or who receive less than 10,000RMB government scholarships. For those who receive the amount of government scholarships between 10,000RMB and 50,000RMB per year, the school will provide basic grants. The total subsidy for government scholarships and school grants will not less than 50,000RMB.

3.Other Scholarship.

Apart from the national scholarship, eligible international doctoral students can apply for other scholarships like, academic scholarship, academic innovation award, social scholarship, etc.

★Eligible applicants can have both government scholarships and basic grants mentioned above.