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International Student On-line Admission:

Shenzhen University was established in 1983 with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China. The Central Government, the Ministry of Education, and the local government attached great importance to higher education in Shenzhen SAR. Peking University offered help for the establishment of the School of Chinese Language and the School of Foreign Languages, Tsinghua University for the establishment of the College of Electronic Science and the College of Architecture, and the Renmin University of China for the establishment of the College of Economics and the Law School. A large number of well-known scholars had been attracted to the University. Since its foundation, Shenzhen University has closely followed the pace of the Shenzhen SAR and has stayed committed to reform and rapid development for 35 years. The school adheres to the motto of “self-reliance, self-discipline, self-improvement” and strives to become “University of the Shenzhen SAR, University as Window, and University as Experiment.”

The University proactively promotes “internationalization in talents training, research cooperation, faculty development, and cultural exchanges.” Supporting international students has been one of the major points of focus of the University’s internationalization efforts. Since 1987, the University has hosted over 10,000 international students from over 90 countries. In recent years, the number of international students in the University has grown substantially. The University strives to enhance the quality of the international student population with regards to the following aspects:


As of July 2018, there are 1,200 international students from 96 countries including the United States, Pakistan, Russia, Poland, South Korea, and Egypt, who have enrolled in a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs such as Chinese Language, Economics, Management, Computer Science, and Optoelectronics. There has been a steady increase in the number of international students. Compared with 2017, the number of undergraduates has increased by 15.9%, the number of Master’s students has increased by 320%, and the number of PhD students has increased by 25%. Each year, there are around 500 students who come to Shenzhen University to study Chinese. Most graduates stay in Shenzhen or find employment elsewhere in China. Some work in large multinationals such as DaJiang Innovation, some pursue a career in the trade industry, and some choose to start a business of their own.

2. Teaching and learning

Shenzhen University offers specially designed language and culture courses to international students. The College of International Exchange has compiled a series of Chinese-language textbooks,Shenzhen, a City in a Garden, which introduces the reader to Shenzhen’s diverse culture and vibrant economy. The series consists of three textbooks, each showing the reader one particular facet of the city,The Modern Shenzhen (Living in Shenzhen), The Beautiful Shenzhen (Travelling in Shenzhen),andThe Lively Shenzhen (Starting a Career in Shenzhen).The course aims to offer students opportunities to engage with the local community while learning the Chinese language.

Since 2012, the University has offered a general course “Introduction to China,” which offers students an overview of Chinese history and culture. The College of International Exchange attaches great emphasis to facilitating this learning experience, with a belief in “happy teaching and happy learning” in the classroom. The College also organizes a variety of social activities for international students who wish to more fully integrate themselves with the local community and to know more about the country.

Since the establishment of an HSK test center in Shenzhen University, the number of international students who take the test in the University has increased significantly, with an average of 1,338 people each year. The University has become one of the largest HSK test centers in China.

3. Activities

In recent years, based on the belief in “happy learning,” the College of International Exchange has organized a wide variety of social and cultural activities for international students, such as visits to the Qianhai Bureau of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone, Tencent (a Global Fortune 100 enterprise), Guanlan Painting Village, BYD Company, and Dajiang Innovations. These activities have offered students opportunities for in-depth cultural and language exchange.

Shenzhen University has also organized a set of culture and social events to help international students engage in the local community. The University’s special annual events include the International Cultural Festival, volunteer services in local hospitals and schools, and the “Reading Booth” which offers those who enjoy reading out loud an opportunity to show their talents and share their life stories.

International students at the University have been active participants in school competitions and performances. They have used what they have learned in the University to win various awards and honors, adding a bright touch to their lives. Our students have delivered excellent performances in “My Shenzhen Story”: The First Chinese Contest for International Citizens in Shenzhen, “I am an Ambassador”: The 1st Chinese Contest for International Friends in Nanshan, “Fulfilling Dreams in Glamourous Guangdong”: the Art Show for International Students in Guangdong, the Eighth Chinese Speech Competition for International Citizens in Shenzhen, and the “Oriental Cup” of Calligraphy Competition for International Citizens in Guangdong.

International students in Shenzhen have been widely recognized for their high level of Chinese language proficiency and their deep understanding of the Chinese culture.