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Distinguished Alumni

Distinguished Alumni


Education witnesses glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn.Since 1983, Shenzhen University has nurtured more than 100,000 graduates, most of whom have put down roots in ShenzhenSpecial Economic Zone andbecome backbone oftheir chosen fields. Distinguished alumni of Shenzhen University include Ma Huateng, Zhang Zhidong, Chen Yidan, and Xu Chenxi (the four major founders of Tencent), Shi Yuzhu (chairman of Giant Interactive Group Inc, father of Melatonin, Gold Partner, and Online Game World), Zhou Haijiang (chairman of Hongdou Group). Recognized widely by their innovative spirit and entrepreneurship, our alumni have contributed significantly tothe social development ofShenzhen Special Economic Zone andour nation.

Distinguished Alumni (ranked by graduation dates):

1. Zhou Haijiang

Graduated fromCollege of Economicsin 1987, majoring in finance and accounting.

Chairman of Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd., President of Hongdou Group.

Representative of the 17th Congress of the Communist Party of China.

In 2005, he was elected as the executive president of the member association of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce of China.

2. Deng Xueqin

Graduated from College of Civil Engineering in 1989, majoring in structure and municipal engineering.

Chairman and President of Zhengzhong Real Estate Group. Zhengzhong Group established the “Zhongzhong Care Fund” at the College of Civil Engineering to support students with financial difficulties and outstanding students, with a 200,000 yuan donation each year. In 2008, Zhengzhong Group established the “Shenzhen University Zhengzhong Real Estate Moral and Ethics Education Research Fund”, with a 400,000 yuan donation each year for 10 consecutive years.

3. Shi Yuzhu

Received Master of Science in Soft Science Management from the School of Management in 1989.

Chairman and President of Giant Investment Co., Ltd. Known as a business legend.

4. Liang Guangwei

Graduated in 1989, majoring in electronic technology and computer science.

Chairman and President of Shenzhen Huaqiang Group Co., Ltd. Known for his vision and innovation. He has been awarded “National Information Industry System Labor Model”, “China Outstanding Entrepreneur”, and so on.

5. Shi Guangzhu

Graduated from the School of Humanities in 1990, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature.

First-Class Military Hero;

One of the 100 “People who Touched China” since the founding of the People’s Republic of China;

Self-Improvement National Model;

Top Ten Outstanding National Figures;

Vice President of China Disabled Persons Writers Association, member of Chinese Writers Association.

6. Li Yi

Graduated from the College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering in 1991, majoring in precision engineering.

Chairman of Shenzhen Chuangyi Technology Development Co., Ltd., senior engineer.

The “Inline Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell and Manufacturing Method” developed by him won the gold medal at the 95th Paris International Invention Exhibition and the gold prize in the 9th China Patent Awards.

7. Tu Hongyan

Graduated in 1992, majoring in corporate management.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wanshili Group.

Top Ten China’s Outstanding Women.

8. Ma Huateng

Graduated from the Department of Electronics in 1993, majoring in computer science.

Tencent’s main founder, chairman and chief executive officer.

Listed byTimemagazine as one of the 25 most influential business leaders in the world in 2004. In August 2008, Tencent was listed in the Forbes 2008 “China’s Top Enterprises”.

9. Zhang Zhidong

Graduated from the Department of Electronics in 1993, majoring in computer science.

Main founder of Tencent.

He became the chief technology officer of Tencent in November 1998, responsible for technology, research and development. He is now a Tencent Lifetime Honorary Advisor and Honorary Dean of Tencent College.

10. Chen Yidan

Graduated from the Department of Chemistry in 1993, majoring in applied chemistry.

Main founder of Tencent.

He became the chief administrative officer of Tencent in November 1998. He is now a Tencent Lifetime Honorary Advisor, founder and honorary chairman of Tencent Charity Foundation, founder of Wuhan College, and founder of the Yidan Award.

Known as the “godfather of Internetphilanthropy”, “first person of internetphilanthropy”, he topped the 2016 China Charity List and the 2017 Forbes China Charity List.

11.Xu Chenye

Graduated from the Department of Electronics in 1993, majoring in computer science.

Main founder and chief information officer of Tencent.

He is responsible for strategic planning and development of website property, community, customer relations and public relations.